Coleburn Dunnage Warehouse Tour

Join the Murray McDavid Team for a tour showcasing the benefits of the traditional dunnage warehousing at Coleburn Distillery. With single malt and grain whiskies from over 80 different distilleries around Scotland, this is a chance to witness the process of producing Murray McDavid’s inspired Scotch whisky.
The tour will conclude with a dram of Murray McDavid, specially selected for the Autumn Speyside Festival.

Facilities: The onsite shop will be able to take payment via cash or card.

Driving? Drams are available to be taken away in sample packs.

This event has already taken place.

Please come again next year.

Dean Jode
Tel: 01452-762024
Mobile: 07415-108344

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Coleburn Dunnage Warehouse
Maisie - The Distillery Cat